Posted by: macophile | May 22, 2009

Women Studies Final Project Bibliography

This is the bibliography for a project done for my Women Studies class… which can be viewed here:

Song Credit:
“You’re Ageing Well” by: Dar Williams

Photo Credits/links (in order of appearance):
1) “Thinking of you” by *nickilroy

2) “pondering” by ~ashboh

3) “The thinking woman” by ~mimir-the-wise

4) “Inside World” by ~Lohey

5) “Pensive Young Woman on Ferry” by Sheila Smart

6) “Thinking…V02” by ~iZgo

7) “Feminist Housewife” by Judi

8) “Fitness Coach and Customer” by Mika{fc163f0a-a7f6-4bf8-aaf4-3600c658f086}|{ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff}&qsPageNo=2&fdid=&Area=Search&TotalCount=526&CurrentPos=17&WinID={fc163f0a-a7f6-4bf8-aaf4-3600c658f086}

9) “Love is behind you” by ~RaVeNBA

10) “Painting” by ~arrania

11) “Women Unite” by John Olson

12) “Reality” by ~Alone-In-This-Bed

13) “I refuse” by ~Roo-kie

14) “Take My Hand” by ~WeepingDragon

15) “Untitled” by Amanda Kissel

16) “Untitled” by Maxim

17) “Change the world” by ~kikumae

18) “Rosie the Riveter” from Carrie Bennett

19) “Three Girl Friends Celebrating” from NewMoon

20) “Southern Belle” by ~WinterRose31

21) “Ciara” by ~Maylileow

22) “pensive 1” by ~tenebrousfire

23) “sad eyed red headed woman” by chelam01

24) “Old woman…” by ~StjepanVego

25) “Women-Walking-on-Sidewalk” from Chaucer/Cal Skinner

26) “feminism” from Amanda Leibovitz

27) “Women” from DJL

28) “untitled” by Louise

29) “ChiSPAN member Alison McKenna” from Anne Scheetz

30) “Dissapointment” by ~vixen28

31) “Holding hands” by ~RaeFace

32) “Pearls and Lace” by ~sexylibrarian

33) “Best Friends” by ~piiratexcore

34) “Stop” from The Infrastructurist

35) “Congressional Women Rally” by Unknown

36) “Palinka Band” by Tamas Olajos

37) “Sweet By and By” by JS North

38) “Womens’ Suffrage monument” by David Wright

39) “Stop 2” from The Infrastructurist

40) “Woman Power”  from Mireya

41) “International Women’s Day-1980” from W.E.L.

42) “Untitled” by Ramzi Haidar

43) “Construction Sign” by Jill

44) “Michelle Obama in Florida” from Tribune Interactive

45) “a thousand words” by *islandtime

46) “pensive” by *91stang

47) “Bridled Youth” by ~lorenzom21

48) “Power” by ~Lohey

49) “Thinking of you” by *pointblankstudios

50) “Corina Pensive” by *kimjew

51) “Wife at park” by ~onecrazydiamond

52) “Deep Thinking” by *anthrolibrarian

53) “mother” by ~mbalestrini

54) “for the old sake” by ~d4d4nk

55) “Paula 4” by ~northerlover-photos

56) “Victoria 03” by ~mbalestrini

57) “Models” by Gabriel Bouys

58) “Self Conscious 2” by ~songofgold

59) “Self Esteem Issue 1” by ~enchantedone

60) “Self Esteem Issue 2” by ~enchantedone

61) “Am i skinny yet?” by ~missmarymac-mac-mac

62) “i am beautiful” by ~noahlee

63) “I am a line” by ~-sylph-

64) “I wish I was one of them..” by ~Nez-rox

65) “I am SEXY…” by ~Lovemeformexox

66) “Runway Model 3” by ~Corvetta-Curves

67) “Gypsy costume” from Belly Dance Bazaar

68) “Kailee O’Sullivan” from  Glamour April 2007

69) “Perfect” by ~iishygirly

70) “Dove Beauty” from

71) “gender equality” by *meppol

72) “Only a Fad” from The Infrastructurist

73) “Ladies in Washington” from Whatcom Museum of History and Art

74) “Untitled” by Dean Stattman

75) “Still Waiting” by Christa Smith

76) “You Are Beautiful.” by ~lynette-marie

77) Pensive by ~mariemadame

78) “Faith” from PeaceChild

79) “Thinking of…” by ~bluewhale13

80) “jump” by ~denush

81) “Passion for Dance” by ~artmyass

82) “Three generations” by ~Tha-eRk

83) “Four Generations” by Oh, The Joys



  1. Women are a good thing–two thumbs up to women everywhere.

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