Posted by: macophile | May 6, 2009

Ahh… the load has been lightened. This is now what my final week or so looks like for the semester:

  • Poetry Analytical Paper Due: 30th April (I got an A- amazing, considering I borrowed a lot form a High School assignment that was similar)
  • Draft Eng. Project Due: 30th April (I was out sick, so I got out of this one)
  • Final Irish Hist. Pap. Due: 4-8th May (This one is 3/4ths done… one last part to write than I just have to do the revisions and put in the Endnotes.)
  • English Presentations (3-5 min. long): 5th-13th May (I’m done with making the presentation, but I have to give it tomorrow… I HATE public speaking.)
  • Poetry Reflection paper due: 12th May (This I only need two more pages)
  • Wom. Stud. Creative Project & Pap. Due: 12th May (I am currently working on this one.)

I am hoping that by doing a Powerpoint presentation for english people will be looking at that, and not at me… or maybe that I can hide behind my laptop… if only it was big enough to hide me. *sigh*

I am currently trying to make a “music video for my Women Studies class to Peggy/Pete Seeger’s “I’m Gonna Be An Engineer”.

I\’m Gonna Be An Engineer

And I am trying to make a video for Dar William’s “You’re Aging Well”:

You\’re Aging Well

I have to analyze the words in the video which mmight be a little more tricky than my usual “interpretations”. I’m hoping that they come out ok… I’ll post the results.


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