Posted by: macophile | February 12, 2009

Walkin and Talkin

Have you ever noticed that when people are talking on their cell phones and are walking around they end up going in circles?

I’ve been sitting here for two hours now (My first class was canceled and I didn’t see the point in going home only to have to come back…) and every single person that has gone past the school campus center window (when on a cell phone) has walked in at least one circle.

I just watched one man walk around the same dirty, tiny pile of snow 5 times. And when he got around it the last time he looked up as if he has just woken from a trance and started to walk away… he got about 40 feet… he ended up back circling the snow.

I do not understand this phenomenon, but it sure is interesting… perhaps this is why people end up in so many car accidents when they are on their cell phones – they are trying to drive in circles! 🙂


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